How to be selfish?

Can somebody teach me how to be selfish?

Yeah, you heard me right, selfish.

To put me first, for me.

To not assume the other can’t do without me.

To not accept every plea someone puts forth.

To understand that they can find their way.

To know that the other is not really helpless.

To understand between a helpless situation and a request.

To understand that I don’t have to jump to rescue anyone.

To understand that to love does not mean to make me invisible.

That sometimes not being there does not mean they mean less.

That people are okay as long as you are here and

Okay when you’re not around.

That everyone lives on their agenda!

That it is important to wake up and put me first!

To actually care about my needs and wants.

To go where I need to be even when someone makes another proposal.

To actively think about my growth.

Most importantly, to understand that to put me first does not equal to being selfish.

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