Who am I?

Who am I? 

I look in the mirror and I don’t seem to recognise myself. 

I look back at the past and don’t seem to stand by my ideas.

Who am I? 

I dreamed a dream and I wanted to fly, soar high.

Wanted to live the dream. 

Who am I? 

For I don’t seem to remember my dream.

Not that I have forgotten; but have buried it deep down. 

Who am I? 

For I believed I had wings, because I remember spreading them to fly.

But I don’t seem to feel them anymore.

Who am I? 

Am I just another girl who thought she could fly, 

And chickened out when she had to? 

Who am I?

Am I someone who aimed to soar high

But forgot to consider the leap? 

Who am I? 

Why am I bound by my inhibitions? 

Why don’t I break free? 

Who am I? 

Why am I so comfortable in my mess? 

Why do I settle for less? 

Who am I?

Can I even measure what I want? 

Do I even know what I want? 

Who am I? 

Am I just going to be insignificant? 

Just another body to fill in the vacuum? 

Who am I? 

Why I am okay with mediocrity? 

Why am I not self demanding? 

Who am I?

Why do I chase to save another,

And comfortably ignore myself?

Who am I? 

Why am I not to okay to treat another poorly

But perfectly comfortable in doing that to myself? 

Who am I? 

Why do I thrive on making others a priority? 

Why do I not stand up for myself?

Who am I? 

It’s been years since I accepted myself.

Years since I decided to love myself. 

Yet, I don’t seem to find myself.


WHO am i… 

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