This girl, the other girl

This girl, the other girl.
I see she left deep scars and cracks on you.
I can feel them everytime I run my fingers on you.
See the pain your eyes.

Not that I mind them,
they make you look beautiful.
They make you look more human.
They let me have a peak through you.

This girl, the other girl
I see she made you a whole new world.
But seems like she also pulled it down,
Poof! Like a house of cards crashing down.

Years have passed since.
You are trying hard
To build back your house of cards.
But they seem to go in vain.

Everytime I feel those scars, my heart stings.
This girl, the other girl…
May be she will always remain THE girl
And I’ll always be the Other girl in your life.

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