A heart of gold

A heart of gold you didn’t have to be,

Heart of gold you chose to have.

You rose from ashes,

Soared like an eagle,

Conquered like an emperor;

Amidst all this, you did not lose your heart of Gold.

You fought like a warrior,

You never cared if you had anyone to fight alongside.

You brought the change you wanted

And yet you were humble as a dove.

In a world, full of serpents and wolves,

You taught us to be humble and pure.

You taught us not to succumb to the world.

And that goodness will always prevail.

That suffering is inevitable;

It sadly does not spare the best.

And to hear that you’ve had to go through it,

Kills a part of me.

But to learn that you’re freed from worldly struggles,

I pray you are soaring higher than ever before.

And as for us, we hope to live by your example.

And every time we are down, we will remember that goodness will prevail.

With a hope to meet again,

With a prayer to have a heart of gold.



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