First dollar!

A List! exclaimed 7 year old Cherry Roger with her eyes a little moist with the big surprise her mother had for her. She immediately grabbed it off her mama’s hand and twirled around  dancing. Entertaining her family of 5 for sometime. “I’m a big girl now!” “I’m a big girl now!” “I got a list, I’m a big girl now!’ she yelled running around the dinning room where her father, Gilbert, Her older brother, Sam and sister, Gina were seated and seemingly enjoyed Cherry.

Making lists was the thing of the Rogers. Anna had an OCD for perfection. Every night she spent an hour carefully making a list of thing to do for her entire family.Be it to remind the children about their upcoming test or to attend a party or to pick up clothes from the dry cleaner, it was on the list. Anything to do apart from the routine was on that list.

At 7.30 am everyday, the family would meet at the dinning table and Anna would give everybody their list. But cherry always had a long face up during this apart of the day. She hated being left out. She always wanted a list. She envied Sam and Gina when the sighed or smiled looking at their list. She hated it the most when the fought and wanted to exchange their work. For that moment, she felt like an outsider. She wanted to be a part of them. Every evening, at 8, they gathered around the table to report back. The one that completed their task, got a dollar. Cherry always wanted to earn her dollars.

At the age of 5, she was too small. At age of 6, She was big but not yet there. At 7, she almost gave up. But today she was a big girl! she had responsibilities. Cherry got her first list.

-Clean your closet
-Water the plants in the backyard.

At 3 pm, she rushed back home from school, watered all the plants. At 5pm, she decided to clean her closet. Opening, all the clothes fell on her, making a mountain. She did not understand what to do. 15 min later, she decided to take all the clothes and categorize them and  began folding them. At 7, she was bored and almost gave up. But the thought of earning her first dollar kept her going. At 7.30, she was done and crashed on the floor with boredom. She wished she never got a list. for a moment, she was terrified of lists that are to come. She didn’t want to fight with Sam and Gina over the lists. At 8pm, Cherry was the first one at the table and gleaming with pride. She was restless as she called out to the family. She did it! She could not wait to tell everyone that she took efforts to finish the task and accomplished it. Anna, did her routine check and was awed by cherry’s work. Her first task was accomplished and She laughed her heart out as she took the dollar from her father’s hand. She earned her first dollar!


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