Life as he knew it.

The sun was gleaming through the window, her smile made the environment even more pleasant. It was a perfect day. A perfect day for donuts and coffee. The aroma of the coffee made him feel content.They spoke of various things, one topic drifted to another. It was a perfect company for a summer afternoon. Her eyes twinkled as she began speaking about the most important person of her life- her father. She spoke about how he moulded her, taught her the way of life. The little things that she enjoyed the most, doing things especially with her dad, of how he took them camping, watching the stars and the information about the universe, taught her to fish, to drive a car and also to repair it. Her eyes swelled with pride as she said that her father always wanted his daughter to be self sufficient and there was nothing really as a boy-thing or a girl- thing.

He sat there twitching a little on his chair. As he heard her speak. He felt uncomfortable as he could relate to most of the things she said. Just not the same way as she did. He was one of those who never really thought about what relationships meant. His thoughts rushed back to the times he did the same, but he never had his father by his side, it was always his mother. He never missed a father; she was there always filling in, since the day he lost his father when he was 10.


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