Of life and death

He stood there, helpless and excited as his wife yelled and cringed in pain. The nurses attending to her. Life is never going to be the same. She pulled his shirt and pinched him in pain; he smiled through it all. He shivered and his knees went weak when he finally saw what he was anticipating for months now took form. He smiled and cried as he held him in his arms. There was a special meaning to life now.  He was a proud father.

Driving down the lonely road, now a handsome young man, he smiled as the wind blew on his face and through his hair. Life was never going to be the same, he thought picturing his proud parents. It all happened in a fraction of a second, yet time paused in that fraction as he skid along with his bike and his face kissed the road. His mind unable to fathom the sudden change. As he lay there, unable to move, he saw parts of life he wouldn’t see. He saw the world without him. His body shuddered, tried to move but his body gave up. Smoke coming out of the bike, few meters away and the smell of petrol. He wished to eat his favorite meal, one last time. He realised he had to give up. As he lay there, wishing and wanting; he saw it coming. It crept. Somehow, time moved fast and slow at the same time, the moment seemed so surreal. His heart threatened to stop yet it struggled to beat. He was anticipating it to come fast but it seemed like he was getting a few extra moments to live but with nothing to do. He knew death was mean. He wanted to feel the rain. As he saw it clearly, death wasn’t anything like he read in his comics. Death was mean but it also had something pleasant in it. Something that he smiled as he gave in..

People wailing as they lowered the coffin, dust he was and to dust he returned, they said as they threw mud over it. She pulled his shirt and pinched him in pain,  it reminded him of that day.Time slowed down. His legs shuddered looking at the dug grave. Life is never going to be the same. He held her close as he walked, It was only his body that walked. He left his heart in that sealed coffin.


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