Peace amdist chaos.

The wind tossed and turned everything over, clothes and dust flying around. The weather seemed in perfect sync with the whirlwind in her head. Chaos everywhere. Probably nature  understood her, she thought.

But something didn’t seem similar to what was going on in her head. The trees were swinging but they seemed to enjoy it.
The birds chose to fly around, soar high and cool off their wings.
The thunder created the perfect bass and the lighting a perfect flash.
The rain cooled everything.
The wind was just the push.
It was clean, fresh and cool once again.

Then she realised, it was the same in her head. May be nature did understand her.
The place she was in, she was swinging by, by her own will.
She was at the liberty to soar high.
The wind was pretty chaotic. May be not going her way, but like the trees, she  too had to be calm.
She found peace in the chaos.
She learnt to see beauty in it.
Grow in it.

May be nature did understand her and decided she needed a lesson.
Thankful, she smiled and let the wind blow and felt the raindrops trickle on her face.


One thought on “Peace amdist chaos.

  1. The chaos in her head,
    stilled by the cool drops of rain,
    rooted did she stand like the tree,
    till wisdom cascaded on her like the wind.

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