I have a dream, close to my heart

& I’ll make it come true,

I hear the music in wind and the birds sing.

All in accordance to my dream.


The sun gleaming on my face;

The clouds willing to transport me.

What are you looking for?

Stop me if you can.


The fields lay a fresh path,

for a golden future.

The waters gushing,

to wash the scars of the past.


I’m curious, I’m filled with wonder.

There’s still a child inside of me.

Yet I’m big and strong.

There’s no stopping me this time.


Hear my laughter echo around

See me take a flight in the clouds

Look at me touch the sky.

Climb mountains; touch the peaks.


Catch me if you can; Try stopping me.

I’ll run out of your hold.

Now is when I’m as young as I can be.

This is all this dreamy eyes can see.


Catch me if you can,

Then you can see my might.

-Cowritten with iridescentcrystal



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