Life as we are to know it.

Dear Students,

Standing here, in my own school is overwhelming. Taken my first steps in many things here. How am I to tell something here? But I’ve a lot more outside this little safe shell. Some of which we have heard, things about aiming big, working hard, always give your best, sharing, helping, etc. I hope not to waste your time repeating  but leave you with 8 simple points to remember and ponder about.

It’s the small things that matter: Yes, it is important to aim big but remember, the small pieces of the puzzle form the big picture.The first steps aren’t fun but the most important ones. Enjoy the small things and work your best on them. Keep doing your thing, do it best. Recognition is secondary.

Never, Never ever take the short route to success: There are many ways to reach to the high point. But always remember to stay true to yourself. There will be a lot of temptations; be strong to not heed to it. Pain is inevitable. Now or later. Short routes are never the answer. Downfall awaits. Always.

Do not just scratch the surface: Do not come to conclusion about issues and matters by just listening or reading a little. Research. Know before you have an opinion. Listen before you speak.

Everybody’s path isn’t the same:  One size does not fit all. Your fellow student’s ambition might be the same. But it is not necessary that both of you have the same path to the same dream. Never compare yourself to others or rather judge your condition on their success and vice-versa. You never know what they had to go through.

You’re replaceable: Be it work or relationships, people will move on with or without you. It is important that you understand this early, learn to balance. This seems simple but is the toughest of ’em all. Prioritising is the key. Work is important; family is too. Family is important; work too is. Decide what means more to you and never regret that.

Try new things:  Get out of your comfort zone! Only thing nice there is the comfort. Try new things. A book, some wine, take a new route to work. It’s nice to dance or sing your heart out. Try that new place that opened up near work. Dress up, try a new outfit. Always be open to learning. Give up your ego. That will put a lot of things to place.

Get some alone time: Run away for awhile. Get some alone time. Introspect. Pray, question things, try to answer some riddles, imagine, wonder, shut up and look at the stars, rejuvenate.

Start now: It’s never too early to start. Have a hobby, start. Have a dream, start working towards it. You might not be successful in the first go, but hey! you never learnt to balance your bicycle in the first go. keep trying.

Well, people talk, offer advises. Listen to ’em all but learn to decide for yourself. Be true to yourself and enjoy life as it unfolds. Enjoy every minute. In the end, all that matters is if you lived your heart out. Live life; do not merely exist. That is why you’re different from the other species.

All the best!






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