Stat connection – a subtle self evaluation.

I like wordpress for the stats and the appreciation. The badges and awards are motivating.

Going back to my posts, I found 4 posts that have more likes. I’d also like to point out that, all..nay 95% of my viewers are strangers. I don’t share my posts on facebook or anywhere else. A very few of my close friends view it now and then when I need feedback. I write purely for the love of writing. I’m also pretty lazy to continue plus a moody writer, a sweet recipe for disaster.

  1. Just another day – 10
  2. So what – 6
  3. Music Magic- 6
  4. A heartfelt gratitude is all you can give- 4

Just another day: This one is pretty special. Cos i wrote spontaneously after a really long time. Also wrote after a long time.  The number of likes definitely did motivate me to write.

So what?:  I love writing dark stuff. err… may be not very dark. So, so what was one of the ambitious write ups. It’s also the first write up my best friend and I co-wrote. It was meant to be more like a visual poetry. well, the visual part never happened. I’m hoping someday I make the perfect screenplay to shoot this. Heck! Christopher Nolan took 10 years to write the screenplay for Inception!

Music Magic: This post talks about one of those things I’ll never leave home without. My MP3 player. It gives me company, was one of the first expensive birthday gifts and gifted by my best brother! its closer to my heart than i realise.

A heartfelt gratitude is all you can give: I wrote this for one mother’s day when I newly discovered that I could write well. Also, I remember, I was not well and I was touched by the way my mother took care of me and Voila! a write u for her!

There! the backstories of my ‘best’ posts! I love how wordpress makes you want to write. not just topics but also subtly makes you self evaluate.

Kudos. Good day.


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