After the storm comes the rainbow.

The sun is shining, yet again. The hills gleaming and the clouds floating. Everything seems to normal outside. But the storm, it’s still here. Inside and beside me. Driving me ‘home’

The storm, err.. my mum hasn’t been around much in my life. Being a single uhuh Sophisticated single mother , managing a factory and children she wasn’t great at managing it all. I moved out when I was 20 and since that day, she was the storm.

Storm, because I hardly met her and every time I did, she walked in like a storm, took away my self esteem, mocked my ways of life and walked away. 20 years seemed like I was in a hurricane effected zone.

How? just how could you not call me? I’m your mother damn it!

Her voice muffled as I drifted into nowhere land.

Dust your dirty shoes outside before you enter!!

Sigh! Welcome home Fin.

Storm’s voice still muffled as I drowsily drag myself to the sofa. The soft cushion-y bouncy soft. Feels rich. Unlike the hard foam-less sofa back at the pad. Sometimes the storm isn’t that bad… fills up your empty pots..

The door bangs open, I drowsily open one eye. Truly, sometimes the storm isn’t bad. ‘Cos there is a rainbow after it.




In continuation to Hazy Sunshine and Silence before the storm.




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