Letter to the past.


As a kid, I always cried on new year’s eve. I felt bad that the year was ending and I always wanted to pause in that awesome year, live there forever. I wished I could stop time. IF only I could go back to that 11 year old self and tell her about the years to come and amazing things that were to happen.

Dear 2005 me,

I can’t help but smile thinking of how you are crying in the bathroom, hoping that the time would stop while the whole family is watching The Bond movie.

Smile little girl, the future isn’t bleak. The years to come are more colourful than it seems. The Barbie that you got this year is just a small accomplishment.  We are to travel places and meet people we never imagined we would.

Smile and embrace the future. Laugh ‘cos the future is bright. There is a lot we will conquer. I’m glad you don’t have the power to stop this year. Let go for there is a better tomorrow.

Love,                                                                                                                      2015 me.


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