Silence before the storm

In continuation to Hazy Sunshine.

The room is dull and with all kinds of medical equipment. The wall chipping off  adds to the gloominess in the atmosphere.

Ouch! my head feels heavy, I can’t move my hands.. Am I tied up? Kidnapped? Seems like a heavy dose of morphine, my eyes won’t fully open.

Ugh! the smell, churning my intestines. *sounds of water trickling* that, sounds like the countdown of my life. I Look up at the glucose drip and out of the window, the happy clouds and birds soaring… even that does not seem to be written in my luck. A blank wall. That’s what a dying man gets.

Mr.Fin, you had your first episode. you collapsed. We didn’t know whom to call…


And.. I know..

Me: oh no. Doc..


* minute of silence*  SHIT!

*heavy footsteps and loud wail*

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO YOU?!?! My son! You are dying and you never bothered to call? You ended up in this lousy shit-hole of a hospital? we must get you out of here. The unhygienic conditions will eat you even faster! And..

..And the storm is here.






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