So what?

“Wounds, they say heal with time.
But scars remain.
Remain to remind you of the pain,
of the horror..”

What if, the wounds too, never heal?
What if, the scars are far more painful than the wounds?
What if, I’m too scared to feel the pain?

So what, if I laugh with the world?
Cos I’m scared the world will laugh at me.
So what, if I act weird, cos normal scares me?

So what, if I was too young?
If only, I could save myself.
When TV time after all, wasn’t tv time.
That certain games aren’t meant to be played.
That, certain pain can be avoided.

What if, this dual didn’t have to be?
And everything could be open to all?
So what, if I was too vulnerable and couldn’t save myself?
Dint they have a heart?
Couldn’t they feel my pain and fear, see it in my eyes?

What if, love really could be love and not lust?
What if, I could be treated human and not a ceramic toy?
Life could be different, every day.
So what, if I play with teddies now,
Cos I lost my innocence as a child.

So what, if all I had for him was love and trust
But all he had me for was desire and lust
So what, if he used my body and moved on.
But here, I’m left with Pain, guilt and tears.

So what, if I don’t trust men, because of the men I met before?

So what, if my life was once shattered and tears were all that mattered.
But now, I choose to let go of the past and even though the scars on my heart last,
There’s nothing to mourn for.
For now, I’ve overcome all my fears wiped all the memories of the tears.

So they say… Wounds heal, but scars remain…


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