The man we subconsciously ape

My old man. My old man is not  a
superman. He’s not even a firefighter or an army man. He’s just an ordinary man with extraordinary qualities. No, I call him no saint. He has his share of flaws. He fought his way through to provide for us. Who sacrificed so we could get the best. He is like every good father who does what is best for his family.

But in my world, he’s the best man any kid can have. He carried me, supported me as I struggled to stand up, gave me the wings to fly. He let me choose freedom. He taught me to understand, debate, appreciate, honour and love. Knows things I cannot comprehend.

My dad holds a mirror to show me my strengths and weaknesses. He told me life will not be easy but also assured that I could always count on him. To fight till the very end and to always keep striving.

He’s my solid rock and foundation. Every step I am to take, I can’t help but think of what he would do.

He is the person I look up to. My everything. A day without him is something I dread to imagine.

Dad, a lifetime isn’t enough to thank you for what you do each day. The way we choose to live our life is the only way to show our gratitude. Because your selflessness is something we cannot fathom.

Happy father’s day. ☺


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