Will the third chance work?

Sitting by the river side watching the mighty waters gush down the mountain top, he wondered what he lacked. Tears swelling out as he tends to his wounds. He just did not belong there. Though he was around a lot of people, there were not many to call his own. People he loved, cared, respected and sacrificed for let him down and misused his trust. He went back to the past. To introspect his ways. He wondered what he lacked.

Having beaten down and thrashed by his people, he did not have enough strength to get back. For the first time he gave his heart out and let people in. In return, they knocked him down with a great force. Dejected and broken he lay there. Then mustering all the courage, he stood up. Shaking off the dirt, he gave them another chance. This time, he loved unconditionally. He was knocked down, again but with a greater force. Hit him harder than before. He lost all hope.

The wounds hurt even more as he cleaned them. Wiping his tears, he wobbles as he tries to stand up. Inhales the fresh air and felt the water gush over his feet. Trying to focus on at the positive side, the gusty soul decides to give them another chance.

The question is, will they embrace him at least now or thrash him back down?


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