Music magic.

Music: A passage to teleport into a mystical land where everything is blissful.

After my first phone got stolen and my second phone spoilt, my dad refused to get me a new one. I had no entertainment when I went out. Like most people, I love listening to music when I’m out. I hate walking or travelling without my head phones on. It’s entertaining and engaging. I get to travel to a different world.

So, for six months or so, I had to be without any music. I forced myself to look at the ‘positive side’- birds chirping, dogs running, people running, people fighting, etc. It was all nice but I still missed my music.

Then I blurted out the want/need of a music player if not a new phone. Nobody answered.

One day,I returned from my music class to see a courier box with a card on top of it addressed to me. Surprised-elated, I ripped open the cover to see a little sleek, red SONY MP3 player in my hand!! I GOT MY VERY OWN MP3 PLAYER.! đŸ˜€ My brother got me a post birthday gift.!

Now, I have over 1000 songs to listen. walked a few miles đŸ™‚

It was my Love at first sight  after that, there was no turning back.


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