Snooze or not to snooze

Ever since I’ve dreamed about cinematography, I’ve imagined receiving an award at the Oscars. This imagination is kinda lost now but sometimes, I still hope to receive it someday.

Being nominated for the Academy awards itself would be a great achievement and if i win it, I might just faint.

When I’m excited, I tend to speak super fast. So, I’m pretty sure half of them will not understand my speech. I’d definitely start off with thanking God, my parents and brother for their support, extended family, cast, crew, the director for believing me, the editor for bearing my bad shots at times, …blah blah and FINALLY, I’d thank myself for not hitting on the snooze button and continue sleeping like a sloth but pushing myself out of bed and motivating myself to give the best.

Of course, without the huge list of people mentioned before, I’d never get there but without me I’d definitely not get there. Me deserves some thank you, for sure.


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