A heartfelt gratitude is all you can give.

Your eyes so deep and pure
A look into them, shows your love and care.
Your looks show the pain you’ve gone through
Your pain and sacrifices, all hidden behind your smile

Each day, you sacrifice a lot. Not for yourself,
But for your family’s sake.
You are always busy making your family happy
And successful in every way.

You never take a minute for yourself
But spend the whole time for others happiness
You’re happy when your children are successful,
You’re a pillar of courage when they are let down.

You help your children in every step they take.
With love and care you guide them,
Like a pillar you guard them,
With prayers you protect them.

Mom, you’ve always been there no matter what.
In happiness you’ve jumped with us.
In sorrow you’ve comforted us.
In sickness you’ve bean by our side.
In success you’ve bean proud of us.

You’re the one we count on.
Your worth is seldom realized ,
Your work is seldom appreciated
But, without you life can never be imagined..

You’re like honey to the bee,
Waves to the oceans,
Wind to the trees.
And without you we are like a body without a soul.

P.s: Happy Mother’s  day to all the Moms around the world. The world wouldn’t be so safe for most of us if not for you. 🙂


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