A Dear letter.

Dropping the coffee mug on the table, he runs to the door as he hears footsteps approaching the door. The postman drops off the post and he grabs it even before in reaches the ground. The letter is here. The one he was anticipating for three days now. His heart raced as he opened the letter. A picture of a stream with huge mountains in the background falls down. He picks it up and begins to read the letter.

Chasing a butterfly, she hears a familiar ring far away. At the foot of the hill, she spots the man she was waiting for. She runs to him with great joy. The man jolts as he walks up the rocky terrain. She runs to eagerly and snatches her pack, holds it close to her, pecks the man’s cheek and runs along her way with her package.

Dear Jon, he reads.

I can’t wait to tell you how happy I am to have finally come here. The air here, gives me a sense of freedom. I don’t wish to go indoors but inhale it all and treasure it my lungs, forever. I wanted to walk the whole way up because each road and curve was so beautiful and had a story to tell. We slurped hot tea along the way. It reminded me of you. As you said that you would love tea at any time of the day.

Reaches for his coffee and wishes he could get there sometime soon.

Dear Nina, she reads as she walks up to her spot on the hill.

Sipping my coffee, yes, coffee for a change. I’m wishing I could be there. Nevertheless, I’m imagining every bit through your mails. The picture is beautiful. You have come a long way in your composition. I’m sure your photos will convey the story of each sight perfectly.

Blushing at the letter, she plucks a flower and smells it, puts it behind her ear and walks her way.

Adventure girl! he says to himself as he reads on. 

We reached our hotel right on schedule and we are to go to Rothang pass tomorrow at 3 am! I’m so excited. I hope to go paragliding there.

Mr.Always-lecturing-me-to-look-at-the-bright-side, she thinks to herself as she reads on.

Parthas are yum. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ remember? Don’t crib about the food. You are just too used to having what you want. Experiment. It might add to your favorites, you never know. 🙂

He reads on,

This place made me wish that we’d meet someday.

With a smile,

Every letter makes me wish for the same.

At a place so scenic that we’re lost in the creation, together, for the first time.

Two eccentric people, for the first time to debate face to face.

That you would be all I imagined you to be.

That you would be as all these letters portray you to be.

Until then, we write, imagine and dream on.

Love, Nina.

Until then, we write and imagine and dream on.

Love Jon.


2 thoughts on “A Dear letter.

  1. This is very sweet! I like how you ended it, compared to the previous ending that you were struggling with, asked for help, and I didnt help 😐 There are some typos in some places and I think you could give line-breaks between some of the sentences or letters – when you switch from Jon’s letters to Nina’s and back. But maybe you put it this way on purpose. In any case, this, especially the ending last 10 lines or so sounds more like theyre singing to each other! 🙂 “At a place so scenic that we’re lost in the creation, together, for the first time.” sounds so lovely!! I like their inner thoughts too haha! 😀

    1. Thank you!! 😀
      haha. apparently I end up with a lot of typos. Half of the time I’m half sleepy. my last post had ‘Are’ instead of ‘our’ when I checked the next I was so embarrassed.
      I love that part too! 😀

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