Do we get wiser or just give up on unrealistic dreams?

To own a technologically updated house in the woods by a lake and the mountains in the background with a dog and a jeep.Is was my perfect idea of my retirement home. That picture has been a dream at the back of my head since class four. It was only about two years ago when I actually confronted the thought.

In 2009, I visited the Himalayas during my summer vacation and I fell in love with the mountain tops. The picture was still a dream at the back of my head, then.

In 2011, I joined college. In one of our movie watching sessions, Into the wild was screened. Yes, it made an impact.

I do not know where the idea is inspired from but Thoreau and Alexander Supertramp have clearly given wings to the thought.

Since The Himalayas are closer in proximity, I always thought I’d runaway to the Himalayas and live the rest of my life. For a long time, I wanted to go to The Himalayas, alone and live there for a while and get back. (No, I did not want to go on a suicidal mission like some people judged Supertramp) But never did I consider on how I’d do that. To me, that side of the grass was greener for that moment.

Then, I spent sometime thinking if it was actually possible for me to do that. How would i travel all the way from south and go upward to the Himalayas without the railways? What would I do there? Why would I want to be there. A vacation happen anytime, but to live in cave? I might not be lucky enough to find a magic bus there. There could be other ways to live there, alone. Make a profession, may be? The Army on the hills, it seems, do not support the civilians. How do I survive the wild animals?

Is this something I want or is it just my escape route if I face failure? What ways can I make it memorable and safe? Then I turned 20, looked back at my 19yr old self and thought I was stupid. So, do we get wiser or just give up on our so called unrealistic dreams? 

May be I cannot live an adventure like supertramp and Thoreau. But I will strive to live in The Himalayas for a while, all by myself in ‘safer’ conditions or may be I’ll just re-consider it when I’m older and ‘wiser’, make it my real retirement home! 🙂

But I will always salute Christopher McCandless for whatever he’s done. Because he just happened to follow his heart. Stupidity or living his dream, he did conquer his fears and accomplish his dreams before he met an unfortunate end. He explored, learnt, thought, shared, lost himself and most of all, he lived and created a great story.


“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”- Christopher McCandless(Alexander Supertramp). 




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