Feet and me.

Feet are somethings I never really cared much about. They were just there. Through rain, mud and sun. Uncared and loyal. Taking me everywhere I wanted to go.

Not so long ago, I realized how important my feet actually are. In the sense, they’re needed for everyone but for who I wanted to be, without my feet, half my battle would be lost. To be a nomad and live a life where I can explore different places, travel and capture the essence with a story,my feet are very very important to me. But are taken for  granted.

Sometimes, there are many other things that are very important to us but are seldom appreciated or acknowledged taken for granted.Certain relationships are likewise taken for granted by me. No, not that I don’t care or love the people around me. Its just not shown in the outside via emotions. My closest friends are one of them. They’re and have been a great source of strength, happiness one of those to make life better but like my feet are unaware of their importance in my life.

This I choose to tell each and everyone special to me, As I open a whole new chapter in my life, this is where my feet become a very very integral part of making me who I want to be. You ‘Feets’ helped me in the first step. Thank you. 

P.s: I got new footwear in my giftbox from these guys! 😀


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