This is the day!!!

February 14th: 1 month to go!!!

February 27th: 15 days to go!!

March 10th: 4 days to go!!

March 13th: 1 day to go!!

march 13th, 10 P.M: 2 hours to go!!

In case you’re wondering what that means, that was me, when I was younger. March 14th, a day I waited for desperately. A day I enjoyed all the attention. A day I wanted to freeze.

Oh the joy of birthday! I remember being super duper excited for this day. when I say excited, you can picture a bouncing ball bouncing around the room. That is how excited I was. Chocolates, cakes, people, presents, surprises, attention. I loved it all.

My little mind could never understand how people can NOT be excited about their birthday. It was a fun day, happy day, my day, a new day. This was one question my dad had to battle every year during his birthday and mine. I never found that answer. So I thought, people who weren’t excited and happy about their birthday, dint have a LIFE. My dad included.

Fast forward to today, I think I found the answer. My dear 8-14 year self. Birthday was really exciting and happy then. But along the way, we just grow up and for people like us, it’s just another day. Dad did have answer but then, he dint want to rain on your parade. This is something we realize over the years. .

The innocent joy kids experience is something adults cant comprehend. The perspective is long lost with the innocence. I wish we adults can learn to embrace and enjoy happiness in simple things. The world will be a better place.

Happy birthday to me.!



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