She just needs the chance to fly,

“Women”,  “gender equality”, “freedom of women” these are one of the few hot topics in today’s world. For years now, women have been suppressed, bound and ordered to live life in a certain way. She is made to follow certain undocumented laws of the society to live a life that pleases the society.

Some of us ‘urban city dwellers’ might think what’s the big deal? women now are being educated, working, earning and living a life! There are separate reservations too. But seldom do we realize that sometimes, even an educated woman isn’t as free as we think she is. Often, she lacks an identity of her own.

Today, I got to watch a simple yet powerful film, QUEEN. A story about growing up. Rani is a 24 year old Punjabi girl staying in Delhi. She is from a very conservative family; her brother escorts her everywhere for her safety. It’s when her wedding gets called off because her fiancé rejects her, that Rani gets the biggest shock of her life and is totally confused. But instead of crying or lamenting over her current situation, she decides to move on. She goes on her honeymoon alone to Paris and Amsterdam. She is exposed to a whole new world. Finds it difficult to survive but still learns her way through with her new found friends, makes decisions, finds opportunity to express herself and makes an independent identity for herself for the first time. Finds enough strength to reject her fiance when he tries to get back.

Queen is an emotional, light hearted and transparent film that gives a slap on a mans face.

Queen made me realize that most of the women even in today’s educated urban society do not have an identity of their own. Their identity is either tagged by their father, boyfriend, husband or son. Not because she cannot make an identity of her own but often isn’t given a chance. We don’t need to protect our women from the dangerous of this world by confining them to family but give them enough situations to face their fears, work their way through life, make an identity and fight back. We don’t need a code of conduct to live but the freedom to dream, the freedom to express, the freedom to choose, the freedom to live. We need hands that will help women get up when they fall, a mouth that will encourage every good deed they do. We need society that is helpful and supportive instead of judging and mocking. One that doesn’t label every woman who is independent now but salutes her for enduring all the hardships she’s gone through to be independent today.

A woman has the wings to fly and ability to soar as high as the eagles. She just needs a chance to fly.


P.s: I don’t mean to say that a man doesn’t have his share of judgement or problems, but like one of dear friends wrote, “For every man has a woman in his heart and vice versa, we should work together to celebrate a day as equals but until that time comes the celebration of women in their fields be it a home-maker or a business woman, she deserves all the credit the world can offer, and I salute you, women.” Women have been suppressed for so long that to bring them up to the equal level, we are to hold the men right there and pull up the women to that level.



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