Emotions mean more than words.

“Whenever we speak out of fear, anger, ignorance, or pride—even if what we say is true—those who listen will hear more than our words. They hear emotion. But they don’t know whether the emotion comes from love and concern or disdain and disrespect, so we
risk misunderstanding. If we listen to ourselves before speaking out loud, we can judge our hearts before our careless words harm others or sadden our God. —Julie Ackerman Link”

Not so long ago, in December, I realized I do not have a control over my tongue when I’m irritated or angry. This struck me when my brother laughed at a msg, which I assumed is my ranting to a certain problem in a group on whatsapp(I’m not sure if he laughed at that or something else but I’m glad that it happened)

Then rewind backwards, I saw everything from a different perspective. Generally, I might be speaking the truth but my tone and choice of words are often bad that I end up hurting the person unknowingly. It gets annoying. I’m a patient, trying hard to be a patient person. I try to control my temper but sometimes, people are too dumb or too lazy to even act on something urgent! No, it’s not that I don’t see their perspective. I try hard to consider their perspective and situation and act practically. It’s difficult when people continue that way and don’t consider the practical way that will help everyone. *sigh*

Few days after the incident, I came across the above quote. Then it confirmed the silence when I let my frustration take over. Since  I follow the “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” policy. I promised myself not to use words as I like just because I was patient enough for a longtime. Even if I were to tell people that they are wrong or if I’m irritated, I try to be more subtle to people and throw the anger in the back-burner. Because, even if I were wrong, I can’t stand people yelling at me! sarcasm is fine though 😛


“Lord, help me to think before I speak, to check my heart. Help me to control my tongue and to express myself clearly so that I won’t
cause dissension. Set a guard on my lips. Words spoken rashly do more harm than good”


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