Only Vacuum inside.

I’ve been utterly lazy to write something. My journal is pushed to a corner and it seems like a distant dream to write again. With all the time in the world and lots of work to do, I turned myself into a lazy couch potato pushing all the work to the future. 

So.. I decided to dig my journal and get something that I wrote long ago to post it here. I don’t want to give up at least this weekly writing job.

I found something that I wrote for my dear grandmother who passed away in 2008. In whose death I learnt the meaning of losing someone you love. Today, if I say “I’m sorry for your loss” I mean it cos in her death, I learnt what loss is. 

The picture of her and the memories are all put in the ‘untouched’ part of the heart. But her lessons and her example I’ll always have it in the open. 

A year has passed since you’ve left….
Not day is passed when your not warmly felt
Everyday you are in my thoughts..
crying i say to myself you are gone.
so deeply are you missed
I feel empty without your presence..
I truly wish you were here..
TO play and to dance
to learn and to fight
I wish I could speak to you one last time…
I truly wish I could feel your warm touch
I wonder how days passed by so fast
and a year has already passed
All i can say…now i realize your worth and love
I truly miss you!!i wish you were still here..

I still miss her presence. Especially on Christmas. Cos no one wraps Christmas gifts for us anymore.She found happiness when we ripped open her hard-work in a few seconds. In our laughter and cacophony, she found peace.


In the hope to meet someday, we live on. Celebrating life.


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