Sorry wouldn’t make you any smaller.

Sorry in some situations is the hardest thing to say or the other person sometimes doesn’t deserve it. But what about saying sorry in petty issues like when just loose our temper or blame another person for your wrong doings?

We often don’t realize that we’ve caused pain to the other person or sometimes, that person asked for it. His feels, are not our point of interest.

At least, that’s what I felt over petty issues or at pressure points. To loose my tempt was all fine. No apologies required. Until one day when I was on a shoot and my mentor set a beautiful example of being humble even to the ones under you.!

This is man is quite a jovial gentleman with a lot of patience(cinematographers taught me this. Have patience, no matter what.)  We had a lot to do that day and our set department was not in full mood to work and his work was pretty bad. Everyone were getting restless. finally when everything was set and it was time to roll, the camerahead(mentor) asked one of the assistants to cut the light on the background but instead he cut the light on the artists face. he said that twice before and yet, the assistant unknowingly cut the light on the artists face and the camerahead yells! Nothing humiliating but the tone and volume was pretty humiliating. The camera continued to roll after the assistant corrected himself. After the shot, the camerahead quietly got off his chair and walked to the assistant, put his hand over the assistants shoulder,said sorry and explained the flaw in his work. The assistants face lit up the second he heard his boss apologizing.

In situations like this, half of us wouldn’t even care to say a sorry. We’d go about as if nothing wrong has happened. Of course nothing was really wrong but loosing your tempter did hurt the guy. Had the camerahead not apologized, may be the assistant wouldn’t have done anything but by apologizing, I’m sure the respect towards the cameraman would have be one notch higher now.




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