Then, she Cried.

With tears swelling out she sat there.

Looking around for reasons to distract her but her heart didn’t seem to care.

Happy faces smiling at her way.

Yet she turns her face to wipe her tears away


She musters her courage and stands up to walk her way.

All those familiar faces seem to disappear and strangers to seem to fill the way.

Her heart seems to be in an other age.

Dwelling in those happy days.


Then, there was silence, a grim one.

She heard the laughter, a oh-so-familiar one.

Then he walks across her, alongside his company and mate.

Her legs shudder, begin to waver.


Her realization swept the ground off her feet.

There was vacuum & grim silence in her heart & her relationship.

The silence only grew longer and stronger

and her breathing got heavier


She couldn’t digest the fact that he was gone.

Gone, for reasons unknown.

Gone with all the music she had.

To make new memories with a new her.


Then, she cried. Bitterly.

For the first time after her boyfriend died, three years ago.

She couldn’t fathom why the one who promised,

never to let go, walked away.


He was her friend. her confidant.

Now she has none to call her one



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