Most of the time, it is very important for us to be reminded of certain things about us that make us who we are. This week, I had the pleasure of being reminded that I’m a very special person on this earth and I’m accepted, secure and significant to my creator. That I’m an exclusive person and there is not a single person who is exactly like me. How amazing is that!
It was really tough to grow out of being an insecure person. Mostly because people around me weren’t exactly like me. My thoughts didn’t match theirs. My idea of freedom and satisfaction isn’t the same as theirs. Though I did make peace with myself and dint care about what the world around me thought. Deep down, there was sort of ‘guilt’ I was suppressing.
I wasn’t keen on going to this camp. But something in me wanted to give it a shot and it was amazing. Lost in the fight of being broadminded and of-the-world, i did pick up a few clues along the way.
The three things that touched me were: 
  •  I’m ACCEPTED the way I am and I should have no room for complaints. I was brought back with a very costly price. Who goes through the pain of buying back something they lost unless its very precious?
  • I’m SECURE. He established me, choose me to be a part of this world. Sealed with the price and gave me the power to accomplish the impossible through Jesus.
  • I’m SIGNIFICANT. (oh i love this!) I am exclusive. there are people who share or meet my abilities and disabilities at some point but, NO ONE is exactly the same.

so embrace Your difference, abilities and disabilities and be proud of who your are. That doesn’t mean you don’t strive to be better but don’t punish/or be depressed for you cannot be. There is one you. Don’t try being a somebody else.

“At Some point in life, if you feel that you’re in the worst pain or problem, remember that there is somebody else in greater pain or greater problem. count yourself blessed and fight your way through.”

keep the fire burning.



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