Death and the reaction succeeding it.

Death, to me has been an interesting and scary phenomena. Interesting ‘cos of what happens to the soul after it’s freed. Scary ‘cos you don’t really know where you’d end up and you’re mostly forgotten in a day, month or a year(i wouldn’t say you should stop living when you lose someone). All your lifetime events are gone with you and forgotten in at most 10 years time.

But what people say about you after you die is absolutely HILARIOUS. All of a sudden you’re the perfect son/daughter, one of the best friend, while the exact same people cursed you or rather never appreciated you all your life. In a minute-hour, all your sins are forgiven and people the the ‘good’ life you’ve lived.

Have we ever considered what joy or sense of satisfaction it would bring to that person if you could actually tell something good about them when they were in a state to reply? Admitted that we don’t always have the nerve to say something nice about a person(at least I don’t.) Then its good we keep it to ourselves even after they’re gone. It doesn’t matter if you blog or speak about them because the essence and importance is lost.(yes, of course, the family is happy and proud)

Sadly, many artists, writers, scientist and many people and their work is appreciated only after their death. While people openly mocked and made their life miserable when they were alive. It’s indeed, funny, how people start listening when you’re dead.

In my lifetime until now, I’ve lived, created an impact- good and bad. Made friends and enemies. If asked, everyone’s got a story to tell. But when I die, I DO NOT WANT people paying tributes/say nice things like ‘how I made their life better’. Because, whatever I am/was to them, I am, exclusively to them. The world doesn’t need to hear it.

All I want is, say a little prayer, thanking the Almighty for my existence and a smile for the good times.

"If I die young, bury me in satin
lay me down on a bed of roses
sink me in the river, at dawn.
Send me away with the words of a love song. uh-oh." -The Band Perry.

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